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Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group to acquire Griggs China

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, a private education provider located in Markham, Canada, that offers education resources to students around the globe, has acquired Griggs China, a private consulting and investment holding company in Hong Kong offering US K12 diploma programmes and services from Griggs International Academy USA at four locations in China.

Visionary stated that the transaction aligns with its growth strategy of collaborating with other educational businesses and expanding course and degree offerings.

David Xu, chief executive and chief operating officer of Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group, commented: “We believe that the education market in the Asia-Pacific region possesses enormous growth potential, especially for the China market. Through the investment in Griggs, we expect to extend our global footprint and expand our business to reach potential markets in Asia-Pacific, such as India and Indonesia. Leveraging our experience and expertise in education in the Canadian market and Griggs’s network and resources in China, we aim to benefit a total of 350 students of the four schools licensed by Griggs China. We are confident about the investment and collaboration with Griggs and hope that our strategic investment in Griggs will enable us to continue to seize the opportunities in the education industry and generate more values for our shareholders.”

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