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EducationInvestor Global is a market-leading intelligence resource for investors, operators, lenders and advisors focused on the global business of education and training.


Our team of sector-specific journalists track and analyse the investment, operational and regulatory trends underpinning this vibrant market, shedding light on deal activity and demystifying complex industry issues to give you a competitive edge.

EducationInvestor Global publishes exclusive news on M&A transactions, as well as executive moves and illuminating long reads, analyses and opinion-editorials, extracting valuable insights from leading executives, investors and industry figures.

We also host digital events, webinars, video content and – in normal circumstances – physical conferences and seminars in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia, which attract thousands of delegates a year.

EducationInvestor Global’s true value is in its insights, intelligence, community and quality journalism – four pillars which uphold our position as the industry’s leading title and networking platform. 

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