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New York-based online education platform Yellowbrick Education which offers training and certification programmes for careers in arts, entertainment, media and sports, has acquired the Animation Mentor platform, which offers instruction in animation, Variety has reported.

Yellowbrick also secured a seven-figure investment from Sony Innovation Fund by IGV.

Emeryville, California-based Animation Mentor was founded in 2005 by former Disney and Pixar employees. The company offers online instruction with live mentoring sessions with industry professionals.

Yellowbrick was founded in 2014 to provide online courses and curriculum for people pursuing a career in film and TV production, entertainment and media. The company charges $1,000 a year for access to courses.

Gen Tsuchikawa, chief executive and chief investment officer at Sony Innovation Fund by IGV, said: “Yellowbrick’s focus on growing the creator economy through education fits with our mission to support promising start-ups who bring creative and promising innovations to the world. The team has developed high-quality educational content that has attracted top universities and marquee brands to develop the next generation of creators. Additionally, their focus on education and promoting diversity through their work with corporations to bring opportunities to underrepresented students, aligns with our environmental, social and governance efforts.”

Rob Kingyens, president and chief executive of Yellowbrick, commented: “The next iteration of our company is getting to the point that wherever someone is in the entertainment field, we have a learning solution for it.”

Bobby Beck, chief executive of Animation Mentor, said: “It’s exciting to see where we can take it if [Yellowbrick] helps us plug in to bigger partners.”

Date Published: 25 August 2021

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