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US: Westford Education Group acquires Acacia University

London-based international education provider Westford Education Group (WEG) has acquired online and distance learning institution Acacia University, based in Tempe, Arizona.

Recognised by US-approved accrediting organisations including Council for Higher Education Accreditation and Distance Education Accrediting Commission, Acacia offers doctoral, master’s, graduate and undergraduate programmes in education, business and computing, as well as non-degree study programmes for professionals and executives.

The university also works with the Commission of International and Trans-Regional Accreditation to provide teacher training to schools in developing countries. In 2005, it developed a web-based curriculum that could be delivered via the internet throughout the world.

Westford Education Group comprises nine independent brands: seven brands in higher education, one brand in film studies, and one brand that operates in sports management. It teaches more than 5,000 students from around 118 countries, has an alumnus of 25,000 students, and more than 35 academic partners, with 100-plus corporate partners.

Samras Mayimi, co-founder and executive director of Westford Education Group, commented: “Through this partnership, Acacia gets a myriad of opportunities to open its doors to lots of international markets. Exeed College, an enterprise of WEG, has recently launched Exeed ECX, a network of satellite centres around the globe with the aim of bringing world-class degrees and international qualifications closer to the learner’s home. This is another turning point for both WEG and Acacia. WEG’s strong presence in the Asian and Far Eastern educational sectors will pave the way for Acacia to reinforce its global footprint.”

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