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US: ABF Academy acquires Champagnat Catholic School

Miami-based ABF Academy, a fully accredited K12 private school located in Homestead, Florida, has acquired Champagnat Catholic School, based in Hialeah, Florida.

Established in 1968, Champagnat Catholic School was created to provide students in the Miami area with a Catholic-based education focused on, as its website states, “Equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and optimism to live meaningful lives.”

The school is particularly noted for its athletic successes. Since 1998, the Champagnat Lions have won district, regional, and state honours across baseball, basketball, American football, association football and track and field.

However, Champagnat Catholic School’s director of operations Isabel C Alonso publicly announced that the 2021-2022 academic year would be Champagnat’s last. Soon thereafter, ABF Academy began its efforts to acquire the school. After a three-week period of talks and negotiations, the deal was finalised on Friday last week.

Manny Riera, owner and chief academic officer of ABF Academy, said: “There is no denying how important a role Champagnat has played for the Hialeah community throughout the years. When I was informed of the decision their leadership made to close down the school, I immediately knew that ABF would be the perfect organisation to fill such a void.”

The processes of transitioning Champagnat Catholic School into ABF Academy Hialeah are set to begin immediately. As stipulated in the deal, ABF Academy plans to retain certain facets of Champagnat’s institution such as the Florida Department of Education school number, FHSAA membership status, and the school property itself. Plans to reinvigorate the basketball, baseball, and football programmes are also under way at ABF Academy Hialeah with many coaching hires nearing finalisation. The ABF leadership also announced that the school would retain the Lions mascot.

Riera added: “We’re eager to welcome students, both new and old, into the hallways of ABF Academy Hialeah. Our hope is that the transition period moves along rather swiftly as we set our focus on opening for the first day of school on August 30th.”

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