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Spain: Lumo Labs invests in training platform Metacampus

Dutch venture capital house Lumo Labs has backed Barcelona-based Metacampus, a training platform for digital professionals.

Lumo deployed capital through its vehicle Lumo Fund II Coöperatieve, investing a total of €1.5 million alongside a group of international angel investors.

Metacampus offers an immersive professional training platform built for the virtual economy. The company stated that its business model is tuition-based and geared toward everyone from researchers to new-media journalists, brand managers and C-suite executives and anyone who needs to stay ahead of digital trends.

Metacampus founder and chief executive Pere Pérez Ninou said: “Through our AI-driven toolkit, combined with active role-playing and real-time Web3 project experience, we help people pack well over 1,000 days’ worth of knowledge in a seriously fun environment that reflects the nature of Web3 culture.”

Lumo Labs’ founding partner Andy Lürling added: “Metacampus improves equal opportunity for individuals and businesses to thrive in the virtual economy simply by lowering barriers of entry through relevant education. This is obviously beneficial for those seeking access and guidance, yet the even larger return is the influx of new perspectives, backgrounds and talent in what is still a fairly homogeneous ecosystem.”

In addition to a virtual campus in Barcelona, Metacampus is opening campuses worldwide, including the Netherlands, the UK, the US and the Middle East.

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