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Genius Group: Erez Simha

Singapore-based ed tech company Genius Group has appointed Erez Simha as chief financial officer to help accelerate the company’s global growth through inorganic expansion.

Simha has more than 20 years of experience in scaling high-tech disruptive companies in multiple industries, including foodtech, blockchain, 3D printing and digital assets. He also has M&A and post-merger integration experience.

Roger James Hamilton, founder and chief executive of Genius Group, said: “I am so pleased to welcome Erez to Genius Group. His track record of working in disruptive tech is a perfect addition to the team, and I know he has the skills to take Genius Group’s reach to the next level.”

Simha added: “Roger is building a global company and brand and I am privileged to be part of this journey and am looking forward to helping to create the infrastructure and culture that a successful global company needs. Roger is an inspirational leader and brilliant futurist whose vision for the future of education is something I want to not only be involved in but to help create.”

Earlier this month Genius Group acquired California-based University of Antelope Valley.

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