US-based Entity Academy, an ed tech platform dedicated to preparing women for the workforce, has acquired SpeakPulse, a tool that helps jobseekers prepare for interviews.

Entity bought the SpeakPulse technology from its founder, Clayton Terris, former vice-president of revenue at SV Academy and head of partnerships at Thinkful.

SpeakPulse is an AI-enabled speech analytics software that helps learners and jobseekers improve fluency, communication skills, interview performance and overall confidence. The tool will be exclusively available via Entity Academy from today.

Features include randomised interview prompts with the ability to record and playback 30-60 second soundbites; analysis, scoring and ranking of speech patterns (redundancy, stutters, stumbles), usage of the dreaded filler words, quality of articulation and pronunciation, and speech rates. There is also the option to meeting meet one-t-one with a certified career coach.

The application uses pattern-matching techniques to identify patterns of speech that reflect speaker confidence and fluency. By simulating an interview setting, users prepare to answer real-world questions.

Jennifer Schwab, founder and chief executive of Entity, said: “Our mission at Entity is to provide women with a wraparound education experience that prepares them for the future workforce and maximises their ROI. The acquisition of SpeakPulse will help us further our goal of closing the skills, confidence and wage gaps that disproportionately impact women. The AI-driven mock interview is another exclusive Entity tool that gives our students a competitive edge.”

Established in 2016, Entity helps women enter and navigate the workforce by providing hard skills, soft skills and leadership training, mentorship, career coaching, and assistance with job placement. 

Date published: 17 March 2022

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