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US: Cinematic Health Education raises $4.1m

Cinematic Health Education
Image from Cinematic Health Education’s Twitter page

New Jersey-based health professionals training company Cinematic Health Education has closed a $4.1 million Series A funding round with investments from Rethink Education and Juvo Ventures.

Cinematic Health Education provides training for allied health professionals by using story-based pedagogy which combines movies and other interactive, story-based methodologies to ensure learner engagement and optimise knowledge acquisition and retention.

Its training for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) candidates features a movie embedded in a 40-hour federal and state approved curriculum. The company says its curriculum has been used to train 7,500 CNAs and other allied health professionals in 30 US states.

Cinematic Health Education stated that the funding will help it scale its management and sales teams and build additional courses.

This is the second round of funding provided by Rethink Education since its initial investment in Cinematic Health Education in 2018.

“It’s really gratifying to bolster our relationship with Rethink, which recognised our potential early on and has helped us grow to where we are today”, said Cinematic Health Education’s chief executive Tim Murray. “But for a younger company like ours, it’s also critical to bring in new partners. This is why we are so excited about the investment from Juvo, which, like Rethink, is one of the top mission-driven education investors in the industry.”

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