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Germany: Converge Technology Solutions Corp acquires three education support firms

Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung
Image from Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung’s Facebook page

Toronto-based Converge Technology Solutions Corp, a software-enabled IT and cloud solutions provider, has acquired Germany-based organisations Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung (GfdB), Institut für moderne Bildung (IfmB), and Deqster.

GfdB, IfmB, and Deqster are all education market-focused organisations enabling schools and universities to implement a digital future.

GfdB and IfmB are full-service IT suppliers for education, offering everything from hardware and software to advanced training and comprehensive technical/consulting services.

Deqster specialises in the development and production of equipment for digital learning and working, with a portfolio comprising items such as tablet cases, protective sleeves and digital pencils.

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