Beijing-based professional education services company Tarena International has reported a net loss of ¥475.8 million (£57.3 million) for 2021, compared to a net loss of ¥771.2 million reported for 2020. Net revenue for 2021 was ¥2.39 billion, compared to ¥1.9 billion reported for 2020.

The company also reported results for the fourth quarter of 2021. Its net loss for the quarter was ¥182.5 million, compared to a net loss of ¥94.7 million reported for the fourth quarter of 2020. Net revenue for the quarter was ¥655.3 million, compared to ¥650.3 million reported for Q4 2020.

Tarena chief executive Ying Sun said: “In 2021, by adopting the online-merge-offline model to develop and deliver our comprehensive products, and by optimising our offline learning centres’ operational efficiency and user acquisition capability, we believe that we have further strengthened our core competitive advantages in the market. Moreover, we have been adhering to our strategies of optimising business structure and uplifting operational efficiency so as to cope with the negative impacts arising from the sporadic occurrence of Covid-19 cases, and to ensure that we can achieve a sustainable growth in our business.

“Looking ahead, we will continuously enhance our overall operational efficiency and grow our revenues by increasing the productivity of each learning centre rather than relying on the expansion of the learning centre network. Our target is to improve our profitability.”

Date published: 16 March 2022

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